Brobyggeren - et støtteprojekt til Parasollen i Vejle

The BRIDGE BUILDER stands at the outer pier.

Hello ! My name is Henrik Busk Andersen, and I have as mission on behalf of art !

The BRIDGE BUILDER was welcomes by the mayor of Vejle Jens Ejner Christensen on Friday 6thof December 2019. Because Vejle welcomes new inhabitants to one of the best places to live in Denmark. Providing diverse work and leisure activities for families. Here you will find some of the best opportunities to exploit what the City and the Nature can offer you, and at the same time easy access rest of the world by road, by sea or by air.

The BRIDGE BUILDER points to the future and at the same time he  becomes part of a long history close to where the kingdom of Denmark was founded. Here all new citizens can be part of a process building bridges between people and into the future !

The BRIDGE BUILDER has his feet anchored in a “V” = Vejle / Vadestedet  (Step stones over the wade)

This is how life is for a bridge builder. Always placed at the frontier. And build for others. Clearing the path. Concur separation. Connect people. Break boundaries between people.

The BRIDGE BUILDER stands with arms spread out widely having the iconic Vejle Fjord Bridge behind him, and facing the building forming the not less iconic Boelgen(The Wave). This strange house where people live in a wave. It is like the water and the building connect with people. It is like a place from where people can seek out in life itself by using the bridges life provide us and meet fellow human beings. The BRIDGE BUILDER wears the 5 waves on his back !

This is the DNA of the BRIDGE BUILDER. Connecting people. This is why he was created. Starting as a vague idea he came to life at Moelholm’s Parish House during a dialogue between the artist Henrik Busk Andersen and the local vicar Erik Steen Nielsen on April 11th2019, and he came to life at the ateliers of the artist in Aabybro.  Henrik’s idea was to build a bridge that can bring people together despite separations between them no matter is they are caused by personal-, economical- or geographical- issues. To reach out to your fellow man, that may have been let down, to create a path between people to move towards each other, to provide new opportunities and purposes in lives themselves. This has historically been a necessity to survive in ancient Vejle where the marsh landscape was created during the Ice age. Like co-existence between people always have called for building of bridges.

The BRIDGE BUILDER is a gift from the artist Henrik Busk Andersen to the people of Vejle. Donated to created identity for the citizens  of Vejle – to motivate the inner feelings in humans and inspire always to build bridges to our fellow man.



The BRIDGE BUILDER is made out of 100 kg bronze and casted at O Storm Soerensens – Stoevring.

  • The reach of his arms are larger than his height
  • On his back he has the 5 waves from “Boelgen”
  • His feet anchors in a “V” = Vejle / Vadestedet
  • He was created in 6 parts welded together
  • It took 1 month to have him created
  • The artist Henrik Busk Andersen was born in 1967. Also painting in an expressionistic style (Cobra style) with a personal twist.
  • The smaller  BRIDGE BUILDER’s are also created by Henrik Busk Andersen. Each one of them sold will create a donation for Café Parasollen - follow the link

BRIDGE BUILDERstands on Vejle Marina's outermost pier
(go under the restuarant Remouladen, Stævnen 55 and straight out towards the Vejlefjord bridge as far as you can get).